Open Endpoints for Testing Restful Services


Rebounce Online provides a number of RESTful endpoints that are freely available for testing connectivity of apps and their ability to parse responses in various formats. The site implements CORS and thus allows incoming cross-domain requests from browser JavaScript APIs. This is a tool that is intended to lend a helping hand during early development cycles. Available endpoints are listed in the Docs.

$ curl -L

What are the Restrictions?

You are welcome to use the available endpoints for your own (testing) purposes, but you need to be aware of the fact that no guarantees are being made in terms of correctness and availability. Also, please keep the traffic down to a minimum. ;-)


API Reference

The restful API endpoints are still a work in progress, and so is their documentation. However, a few are already available for use and new routes will be added over time. Check back again in a bit fore more options!
POST /api/echo New
Echoes POST data (including headers) back to the sender. Response content and content type depend on the request.
Response varying
{"text": "Hello, World!"}
GET /api/time New
Returns the current UTC time in ISO-8601 format with timezone information.
Response application/json
{"time": "2018-04-29T10:12:34+02:00"}
GET /api/ip New
Returns the sender's IPv4 address.
Response application/json
{"ip": ""}
GET /api/cats/{id} New
Returns a picture of a cute kitten based on his/her ID (#0 is mine).
Response image/jpeg

More routes will be available soon!

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